How We Got Here

I've always been attracted to healing since a young age, intuitively knowing what a person needed. At the age of 39 my mother developed Fibromyalgia which devastated her. It also started up my determination to help her heal, but along the way i kept running into roadblock after roadblock since their wasn't any research on Fibromyalgia, at the time it was fairly new to the public. 

Years went by while increasing my knowledge on Holistic medicine which has helped her state of being but not cured her, not until i came across the ability to communicate with the sub-conscious which was a huge game changer for me. Asking the body specific questions while muscle testing, you could get direct answers. This opened me up to Spirituality, energy, vibrations, blockages cause by Trapped Emotions which can absolutely manifest into physical problems.

When i came across Dr. Bradley Emotion/Body Code software last year i knew it was for me. Already working with the sub-conscious this software would take my knowledge to the next level. I had taken some Body Code sessions for myself by a local practitioner, which was amazing, so much blockages released immediately and throughout a months time. My awareness, well being and sense of Love for the world enhanced. So i saved up for a few months and purchased the Body Code 2.1. Immediately practicing on myself and my mother. A week after her first session she told me she could finally sleep through the night which has never happen in years. This has been a blessing to me and i've been on a mission to share it with the world. 

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